Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Badge of Justice

Arms crossed and a huffy look on her face, Sarah sat on the swinging her legs back and forth. Her feet just barely off the floor would occasionally hit the coffee table in disdain. She looked at the front door several times, almost tempted to leave, but she knew better than to disobey. The youngest girl to lead a Troop, she had bested everyone else in camp, everyone but HER. She still had to take orders from the older girls, and she knew why, but it didn’t make it any less irritating. She kicked the table again with a loud bang just as an older lady rounded the corner carrying a tray. Not startled at all, the woman sat the tray on the table and started pouring the tea. “Ah youth, how easy it is to anger.” She looked at Sarah, “was it three lumps, my dear?” Sarah turned her head sharply the opposite way, sending her pigtails flying around her head with a “Hmph!” With a trembling hand, the white haired lady handed Sarah her cup and saucer. “Oh come now, don’t be like that. I know you want to be out there right now, but you understand why you can’t.” Greeting the saucer with a sigh and taking a sip of tea Sarah stared at the reflection in the warm liquid. With a resigned childlike tone, Sarah spoke “I know, we want the traitor in camp to think I was captured so she doesn’t run away.” Finally, she looked the Elder in the eye “But how long is it going to take, Grandmother? And does Sis HAVE to be here? She’s being too nice to HIM.” With so much venom in those words, her grandmother was taken aback. Sarah looked away, shameful. She didn’t like upsetting her grandmother.

She had just finished bandaging his shoulder again when the question finally came. He looked at her, hoping she would at least give him an answer. “What…what happened to me?” After almost a week of silent interactions with him, his voice almost startled her. She didn’t think there was any harm in discussing it, “What do you remember?” He almost looked ashamed, especially after how they were treating him. “I…I snuck into the camp at night to capture one of the girls. I was about to sedate her….and the next thing I knew I was here.” The anger returned to girl, making him flinch as if waiting to get hit. “One of the guards saw you and shot you with a tranquilizer dart. When you passed you fell on it. We had to operate to get all of it out. Part of it hit your bone causing the needle to break.” He winced at the thought of falling on the dart. “Why are you treating me so nice?” A not so nice smile crossed her lips. She gathered the old cloth and bowl of water, and got up to leave. She looked at the mirror, hoping to see his reaction “Because, you tried to capture my sister. Now, we will find yours.” The reaction she was hoping for was surpassed by the look of terror on his face. She looked back “I’m Janie by the way.” With her vigor returned, she left him to his own thoughts.

A few hours later someone rapped at the door. Ms. Audrey opened the door to see a young lady in a police uniform. Opening the door wider as she stepped to the side, she invited the police woman inside. “Please wait in here. I’ll get the Madam.” She turned from the living room and left the officer to wait. Just barely out of college, the young officer had her hair up in a bun so that it did not get in the way. A strawberry blond, she was a bit pale. She was skinny, and looked like she could be easily taken down, but she was a Girl Scout. She had passed all their training and the police forces. She could easily take down some one twice her size. Today, though, she was just an errand girl.

With a smile and a hug, she greeted the older lady that had taught her so much in her youth “Mrs. Mary, it’s so wonderful to see you again!” They sat and chatted for a while about old times. The minutes turned to hours before they finally got down to why Emily was here. Placing her hand on the yellow envelope she brought with her, she felt a twinge of sadness for the news it held. She handed it to Mrs. Mary with a solemn tone she told her “This may be bad for the moral of several girls.” Not knowing exactly how bad this would be, she held her breath for the news. Boy Scouts got a merit badge for getting their fingerprints registered. Girl Scouts also had a fingerprinting activity that they did, and would also get their prints registered. The Elder looked so fragile when she saw the names on the papers. The words flowed as if someone else was saying them “We have to make an example of her.” She looked Emily straight in the eye, and regretted what must be done. “Ms. Audrey. Could you bring my granddaughters here, please?” Mrs. Mary got up with Emily and showed her to the door. With a hug, the officer left.

Sarah couldn’t remember the last time she had cried, let alone hugged her own sister. She felt weak, betrayed completely. Why would her friend, everyone’s friend do this? She sat there in Janie’s arms sobbing. Her big sister was angry, but the anger didn’t stop the few tears that gathered in her eyes as she stared at the papers that were strewn across the coffee table. All she could see were the two names. Names she wished were those of someone she didn’t know. David and Danni Stevens.

An hour before sunset a note was passed under the door of the Night Owls…


  1. I like the idea of the double agent. I really feel sorry for that girl now. Remind me to never cross a Girl Scout.

    So, are the Girl Scouts above the grandmother in the social hierarchy here? She seems hesitant around them, but then the granddaughter doesn't want to upset her.

    Keep it coming! I'm looking forward to seeing Girl Scout revenge.

  2. How dare you give feelings to your enemies?
    You should know that in fictions has in real life, bad people have no feelings, much less families!

    I will never read another of your tales!

  3. These girls are bad news! Is there no hope for the world now that the Girl Scouts have taken over? I don't know whether I should be glad I never got to join them or sad that if this ever happened I would absolutely be at their mercy. Was David's dream a premonition? Is Danni *really* a traitor? AGH all this suspense is straight-up killer. Awesome.