Monday, July 19, 2010

First Aid Badge

He awoke with a sharp pain in his right shoulder and a very dry mouth. Remembering what had happened, he bolt up in the bed. He only made it halfway before the pain, nausea, and the blackness hit him hard.

Back at the camp looking at his prisoner, he began to drug her so he could take her back. All of the sudden her hand was around his throat and he was being lifted off the ground. With a smile wider than humanly possible the little girl spoke “Do you think we don’t know?” Off in the distance David could see a giant stake in the ground with someone tied to it. Just a foot away stood a normal version of the pigtailed girl that was holding him off the ground by his throat. In her hand was a torch. As she lowered it to the kindling around the stake, David could see the tear streaked face of his sister. He reached out his right hand helplessly, already on the verge of passing out due to lack of oxygen. The little monster holding him stabbed him in the shoulder while laughing.

His eyes shot open. Still in pain, he grabbed his right shoulder with his left hand. He almost sat up again until he remembered what really happened. Wiping his tears away, he looked around the room. The chandelier near the center of the room was barely visible. It was old, but didn’t look costly. It looked as if it use to hold candles where light bulbs now burned. The curtains were drawn, blocking his view of the window to his right. The dresser on the far wall looked old as well, oak, maybe cedar. The mirror above it gave him a view of the bed. It was very comfortable, almost lavish. This was his first time seeing a four poster bed, much less sleeping in one.

The door opened and a girl around his same age walked in holding a tray. He started to scuffle back against the headboard in fear until the pain shot through him and he pass out again. He opened his eyes slowly this time, but couldn’t help the single tear. It had been the same dream again. He looked to his right to see the young lady dressing his wound. Her hair was in a bun, blonde, maybe a light brown. Her eyes followed her hands as she worked them, her mouth in a bitter frown. She tightened the cloth and David winced. Her sash was full of badges, but he couldn’t make any out through his bleariness. She sat up and closed the first aid kit beside her and looked him in the eye. David cringed at the angry girl that looked as if she wanted him in more pain. He opened his mouth to say something, but all that came was an inhuman raspy sound from his dry out throat. Her anger lifted a little and she reached for the bedside table. “Can you sit up?” The voice was soft and poignant, but full of spite. The young man sat up slowly with her aid. She lifted a straw to his lips and he sipped the refreshing water. Coughing as it moistened his throat, he took another gulp, but she pulled it away before he could drink too much. “You’ll give yourself a headache if you drink it too fast, moron.” This time her voice was not as soft, but full of something he couldn’t place. She abhorred him. He saw it in her eyes. She wanted to cause more pain to him, but couldn’t.

Finally, after a few minutes, he was able to speak. All the thoughts that rushed through his head, “Where am I?” “What happened?” “What did you do to me?” “What’s going to happen to me?” “Are you going to kill me?” None of that came out. He was as startled as she was when he asked the first question “What’s your name?”. The shock and pleasantness left her eyes in a flash as they returned a glare. She slammed the cup on the table, picked up the first aid kit, and left the room.

It seemed like hours had passed. He had lost count after trying to follow the ticks on the large clock that he presumed was in the room directly behind him. Should he get up? Just as he was about to move the door opened. His eyes centered on the girl standing at the door and he recoiled violently. The pain in his shoulder didn’t register through the terror he felt. He couldn’t breathe at all. The pigtailed girl sneered at him. Hyperventilating was the only thing his body could do to try and get oxygen. Someone rushed to his side. Everything was muffled, but the voice he heard sounded like the girl from before. Her harsh tone wasn’t directed at him this time. “Sarah! What did you do!?” He couldn’t hear the reply and he still couldn’t catch his breath. “Go get Ms. Audrey! We need a wash cloth and water, and a paper bag!” He felt cool hands on her face and saw what looked like the blurry outline of someone. It turned sharply “GO NOW!”

Sarah turned sharply at the door, huffed loudly, and stomped down stairs quickly. Moments later an older woman entered the room quite fast. Bowl of water, wash cloth, and bag in hand. She walked to the right side of the bed and sat the bowl on the table, handing the bag to the girl on the other side. The girl was trying to tell him get him to listen. She opened the bag and cusped her hand around the top, placing it over David’s mouth. “Breathe deeply and slowly, calm down. It’s okay.” She almost snorted at that last comment. Finally, he could draw air again, but his shoulder was in horrendous pain. He glanced at it as the redness on the cloth over his wound was growing. He winced away and found himself staring into those eyes again, but not so spiteful now. They looked concerned. He almost smiled before passing out again.


  1. Girl Scouts feeling.. worried?
    Something is not right here...

  2. So, the scouts are doppelgangers? Or terrifying Stepford-style killing machines?

    Those burning questions aside, I liked the mix of expected Girl Scout sweetness and absolute contempt for the boy.

    Was the dream when he passed out a flashback? Later it says he remembered what really happened, so I wasn't sure.

    I can't wait for the next installment. I have to know how the Girl Scouts came to power. And where the other troop leaders are.

  3. Actually, sorry for the confusion. What happened in the drabble was what really happened. He was just having a nightmare.

  4. Ah. Ok then. Thanks for clearing that up.

  5. Well I see the scary Scouts are still up to their shenanigans, and they seem more dangerous and unbalanced than ever. Buy your cookies when they come around, Reav, and don't ever admit in public that you're writing this. Never know who is or used to be a Scout. I love it!

  6. Glad i am getting around to reading this. As a former boy scout, the actions of these girls does not surprise me. All the girl scouts I knew always had something lurking inside of them. Now I know, or maybe not. Can't wait to find out more.